This section contains useful Photoshop Scripts which may improve your effectiveness. I’ve created the scripts in order to speed up my workflow when creating websites or graphics. There are many operations and actions in Photoshop you can access much faster with the use of scripts. Photoshop allows you to assign keyboard-shortcuts to the scripts so you can use them very quickly. The scripts have small filesizes and are easy to install.



The ScriptsPack contains all scripts listed below. The pack will always be up to date so that you will just need to download this one .ZIP-file in order to have all my Photoshop-scripts.



If you need to select an exact pixel accurate retangle-selection you mostly need to zoom in and correct the selection manually (+/- 1px). TrimSelection helps you with a dialogue-box where you can specify the new selection size and the anchorpoint of the selection-retangle.

Download [.zip]
This script on


When creating websites you mostly need a “dummy text” (or placeholder text) in order to show how the continuous text will look like. This script generates a specified amount of text you can copy and paste in your text-layer. Credits for the “lorem ipsum”-generator go to Captain Cursor, Travis Spencer and Will Munslow.

Download [.zip]
This script on


If you want to rename a layer without right-clicking the layer in the layer-window, use this script. It brings up a dialogue-box where you can enter the new layer name.



This script selects the layer below the active layer.



For a fast layer-navigation you may use this script which just selects the layer above the active layer.



Use this script to switch the visibility of a layer to “visible” or “hidden”.



This script creates a new layer above the active layer without the dialogue-box.


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